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+ 鼎和接待中心 / Wanhua dist. reception center

鼎和接待中心 / Wanhua dist. reception center

Location : Wanhua Dist.Taipei/ 台北市萬華區
Area : 1700 m²

Design Team :

Jill Yang, Orange Kang, Peggy Chiang, Adolfo de Antonio

楊珮珩 康晧竹 江佩靜.Adolfo de Antonio

Type : Reception Center / 接待中心
Status : Completed 2015
Photographs : K. M. Lee





This sale center is located in Wanhua District, west of Taipei city. Aged streets, buildings and the traditional market busyness fill the surrounding neighborhood. Our design goal is to carve a sense of serenity out of this noisy reality by creating an abstract space disengaging itself from the surrounding context.

Truth be told, a nearby temple is truly the root of our inspiration. Its peaceful presence and the calmness inside are untouched by the world around it. The temple gate serves as an interface of two realities. It separates. It invites. It embraces.

We choose solid walls along the pedestrian to establish the center’s boundaries as well as to enhance structure’s inner integrity. Carefully placed zigzag wall openings are intentional to kindle a dialogue. Curvy lines are meant for an inviting extension. All together, the sum becomes a connection.

Three voids on each side of the structure were created, with one open space for parking purpose. Those void spaces serve as buffers, like the temple gate, linking two realities. They filter out the noise and invite the intrigued. By filling the voids with sunlight, greenery, air and glimpses of city views, they prepare you for the serenity awaits inside.