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+ 早安清境接待中心 / The Morning Forest

早安清境接待中心 / The Morning Forest

Location : Taipei, Taiwan / 新北市
Area : 5465 m²
Design Team : Jill Yang, Paul Chiang / 楊珮珩 江易書
Type : Reception Center / 接待中心
Status : Completed 2011
Photographs : K. M. Lee




Project “In the Morning Forest” serves as the development site’s sales center, positioned in the southeast corner of the land plot facing a mountain. Designer Chung-yei Sheng incorporates his design theme, “one with nature” by taking advantage of the building’s natural surroundings. The site’s exterior oval shape functions to create a continuous circling visual effect, with no specific directional perspective. The circular design successfully connects the tangent walkway to create the building’s main entrance.

The building consists of two parts: a surface layer made of oval shaped, southern pine, wooden shades and an internal layer stacked with multi-purpose building blocks. These wooden shades create a juxtaposition of light and shadow in the interior, which echoes the parallel effect created by the natural environment on the site. The oval form serves not only to create the building’s unique exterior design but, in arrangement with the building’s windows and shades, also succeeds in creating a rich viewing experience whether looking from the inside out or the outside in.

The interior plain wood corresponds with that of the white interior space as well as the natural outdoor scenery. Part of the ceiling is reinforced with reflective stainless steel, expanding the effects of the design well beyond the dimensions of the room. The circulatory nature of the building along with the intentional arrangement of the best views framed at the building’s most important locations creates an unparalleled view of the surrounding areas. Visitors are able to experience not only the design of the building but also its relation with the surrounding nature, a testament to the site’s theme, “one with nature”.