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+ 傳誠接待中心 / The Heritage Reception Center

傳誠接待中心 / The Heritage Reception Center

Location : Taipei, Taiwan / 台北市
Area : 1880 m²
Design Team: Jill Yang, Paul Chiang, Why Huang, Y.C. Wang / 楊珮珩 江易書 黃懷萱 王藝祺
Type : Reception Center / 接待中心
Status : Completed 2011
Photographs: K. M. Lee






This project is located on an irregular site, and encircled by various residential buildings. Due to the imperfect innate environmental condition, we decided to take a widely different design strategy.

Unlike the traditional single building format, the design applies a fragmentation concept to break each functional space into a single spatial mass. By using alternation and interlocking methods, it creates a rich image of interweaving void and solid spaces. In addition, the void spaces are decorated with green plants. Therefore, every single space can produce a different connecting relationship to the environment. By retreating or stretching, a band of rich Mask is created at the overall elevation of the scattered cube spaces.

The greatest characteristic of this project is to use the “transparency” concept. Through the cubes at inner layer, the band elevation, and the openings of different sizes, it creates the modern esthetic spatial gradation and richness.

To emphasize the spirit of Chinese culture, we try to install some Chinese elements in the spatial design to create a native architecture.

To echo with the Chinese culture style advertised of the selling project, each individual mass is interpreted as the pavilion, the boat-structure house, the tower pavilion, etc. and are linked by circulation layout to construct the solid-void and penetration sense. Apart from the sale purpose, visitors are to sense the environmental blending living style conveying by the overall space.