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+ 上河園接待中心 / Riverside Park Reception Center

上河園接待中心 / Riverside Park Reception Center

Location : Wugu Dist., New Taipei City/ 新北市五股區 洲子洋重劃區
Area : Site.2358 m²、Construction.1420 m²
Client : JSL GROUP / 甲山林機構
Design Team : Jill Yang, Orange Kang, Peggy Chiang / 楊珮珩 康晧竹 江佩靜
Type : Reception Center / 接待中心
Status : Completed 2013
Photographs : K. M. Lee





Project is located in a developing re-zoned district, in the midst of open corridors and construction sites. The design philosophy is that of a “desert oasis”. By creating a distinctive kineticenvironment, this oasis will emerge itself from the barren surroundings.

The architectural design has two layers. First floor is embraced by water body all around and within. Then the focal point travels quickly, penetrating from outside to inside and up to the 2nd floor. This visual shift creates a floating illusion, surreal like a desert mirage.

Another design idea being applied is the liberal use of modular punching metal sheets as the structure’s roof top. Not only does this material define precise outlines for the structure, its hollow pattern allows sufficient amount of natural lighting indoor to supplement limited open space available in the area. It can also provide enough shading as well as some fun optical effect.

It is the intent to use water as the core element in this project to bring outdoor indoor. This element gives a sense of continuity flowing from exterior water body to interior water walls and water dividers. By adding water into the interior, it greatly inspires imageries and truly creates a unique space of its own.