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+ 梁宅 / Liang's apartment

梁宅 / Liang's apartment

Location : Taipei, Taiwan / 台北市
Area : 350 m²
Design Team : Jill Yang, Paul Chiang/ 楊珮珩 江易書
Type : Residential/ 住宅
Status : Completed 2011
Photographs : K. M. Lee




The client is a couple, educated in Japan, and their children. The family is most interested in natural pleasure and has a negative prejudice. Their collection of large amounts of antique pieces and art works made the commission so challenging because these were not exhibition pieces but parts of daily life.

While facing the precious antique pieces, CY had a different thought; he was not interested in showing their value in display boxes, rather he wanted to transform them as parts of daily life. The installation of a wood mullion sliding door was the central idea to make that transformation happen. Its status of whether open or close denotes a way that the antiques dialogue whit the living or how life needs the pieces to integrate with daily activity.

The sliding door is a panel that makes things visible or invisible. Even for a real utilitarian reason; one sliding door hides an acute internal corner and transforms it with great visual interest as a vista view.

The mullion partition further gives natural light a sensible expressive mood. It gives the space a very touching quality that belongs purely to the family and its respective members.