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+ 中山醫療大樓 / Chun-Shan Medical Center

中山醫療大樓 / Chun-Shan Medical Center

Location : Taipei, Taiwan / 新北市
Area : 5300 m²
Design Team : Jill Yang, George Kuo, Men-chun Chen /楊珮珩 郭漢柏 陳孟君
Type : Hospital / 醫院
Status : Completed 2011
Photographs : K. M. Lee




The Chun-Shan medical center, an extension of the adjacent En Chu Kong Hospital, specializes in dental and mental health, and includes a Chinese medicine department.

Designer Chung-yei Sheng aspired to manifest the building’s distinction from a more generic hospital through its architecture, wanting the medical center itself to reflect its emphasis on therapy- for form to equal function.

Sheng opted against the closed designs of a typical hospital and instead chose to expand the building’s space to create an open and lively atmosphere. Floors are not completely separate from one another. Access to the open roof and scattered balconies not only enables residents to come outside but also permits natural sunlight to radiate into the building.

Gardens provide opportunities for resident daycare and therapy. Here, people can feel less like patients in a hospital and more like residents of life.