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Location : Taipei 101, Taiwan / 台北市
Area :
Design Team : Chung-yei Sheng, Yi-ling Chen / 沈中怡、陳怡鈴
Type : Retail / 商業
Status : Completed 2005
Photographs : K. M. Lee

位於台北101購物中心的ANNA SUI VISION設計上希望空間呈現出來的不只是賣場,更可以注入一些不一樣的元素,而且是能夠和[看]這件事,緊扣在一起。



Designers find the issue of relating product with space to be a very interesting process. Anna Sui Vision, an eyewear shop located in the shopping center of Taipei 101, is filed with innovation that makes this connection. The designer hoped the final space would not be simply a place for transactions, but also a space that that incorporates new, different elements that can truly be a place where the idea of “seeing” takes on a new dimension.

In terms of the relationship between product and space, the designer brought innovation to the standard fixtures of eyewear stores-eyeglass racks.
The E that is associated with vision charts has been transformed using large, 3cm-thick acrylic cut into E’s and placed on the walls in various directions. In front of the mirrors, fluorescent LED tubes stick out to prop up the glasses and provide better lighting. Looking like noses and giving off purple light, these additions are both useful and amusing.

As the designer did not want to obstruct the line of sight, the racks for displaying glasses in the front window are made of cable wires, extending the width of the racks, and turning what is traditionally planes into lines. Overall, a very original approach to eyewear display has been created.