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+ Taiwan tower international competition

Taiwan tower international competition

Location : Taichun, Taiwan / 台中
Design Team : Jill Yang, Paul Chiang, Y. C. Wang, Why Huang/
楊珮珩 江易書 王藝祺 黃懷萱
Type : Public Facility / 公共空間
Project Year : 2010





For the Competition of Towers, Chung-yei Sheng chose to disregard the conventional importance placed on sheer height and atypical shape, instead emphasizing the essence of the building through its individual units- to design a truly original tower that would best exemplify the new Taiwanese spirit. Fortified with a center core made of light steel framing, the structure is decorated with four layers of light dots and a water vapor spraying system.

At night, the abundance and depth of these LED dots enables the tower to exhibit three-dimensional shapes such as sky lanterns and fireworks, essentials to the Taiwanese culture. During the day, the vapor spraying system gives the tower’s exterior a unique yet natural appearance, while also serving the more utilitarian function of neutralizing the city’s hot summer weather.

The idea of formlessness begins with a focus on the individual units, the millions of LED dots, which comprise the building. Similar to how the arrangement of a few different atoms can create a myriad of compounds, so too can these LED dots adapt to serve the building’s many functions. Like ice, water, and vapor, the building’s appearance can be flexible while its essence will always remain the same.